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vidar villa
summer tour 2023

If the overview above doesn't work properly  on your mobile device:


Who's who?



Jennie Anderson – 413 90 569

General Manager MS Bjørvika

Chris Collings - 954 18 934

Tour Admin

Kevin Johanse- 902 91 143

Harbour/Port Admin

Boat Crew⚓️

Martin Hjelset - 958 99 492


Terje Edvardsen - 907 48 568



John Murphy - 482 47 217

Engine / Motor man

Bar Crew🍻

Gery Marton - 988 38 499

Staff Manager

Eduardo Miranda Perez - 467 99 424

Product Manager

Tiril Sjøberg - 400 83 252

Floor Manager / Sjenkekontroll

"June" Jaruwan Edvardsen - 401 73 928

Waitress and cleaning

Daniel Blakstad Rødahl - 930 15 166



Håvard Bakken - 950 71 875 (joining some weeks)


Chantal - 461 16 138


Roy Nilsen - 911 60 068 (joining last two weeks)


Miriam Thomassen - 920 53 553

Merch Tent Manager


House Boat🏠

Mette Thomassen - 917 24 702

Tour Chef & House Boat Mama

Frode Thomassen - 458 31 063

House Boat captain


Vidar André Mohaugen - 938 25 047

Lead singer

Martin Thomassen - 454 12 374


Ole Tobias Antonsen 



Henrik S. Olstad - 452 35 181


Jonas Thomassen - 924 18 610


William A. Dahl - 454 30 877

Sound tech

Martin Sollie - 468 10 531

DJ / Warm Up


- Have fun and stay positive! If someone is having a rough day, nothing's better than showing them your beautiful smile :)

- Help out! Lot's of unexpected things happens on an adventure like this - so be quick to help your team mates out with whatever 

- Be Monica from Friends. We're over 20 people living closely, so keep your stuff neat and tidy, and pick up after yourself. 

- Speak your mind. If something is annoying you, let it out! It was probably just a misunderstanding.

- Be quick in the shower (1 shower on the house boat – 2 on MS Bjørvika).

- Try to stay quiet at night so everyone can get their precious sleep. 


Genreral info

House Boat

While the boat crew stays on 'MS Bjørvika' - the bar crew and band lives on MS 'Fiskar.' - the House Boat of Frode and Mette. Make sure to help them keeping a neat and tidy place to live, this is their home (and our home for one month🙌😇)

All crew is welcome both at Bjørvika and Fiskar at anytime, no matter where you sleep.

In the night, walk gently in Bjørvika as you are walking straight over the captains bedroom.


Friends and visitors are welcome at the boats (outside lunsj hours), but keep them in the lounge area. People who is not crew should not hang around where we sleep. We also dont have too much space in the fridge, so friends and visitors can cool their drinks in the ”cooler tables” on top deck at Fiskar.


- The backstage area should be restricted to the band only from 20:00 to 23:00, for preparations and debrief before and after the show.

- Please don't be long in the staff bathroom downstairs during 20:00 - 21:00, before the show, as the band will need it.


- Mette is our tour chef, and she will prepare one hot meal for us everyday. Hopefully lots af barbecues on the house boat beneath the sun!

- Hot meal is served from 15 - 1 8 everyday (changes may occur)

- Mette is making sure that there always is a basic breakfast/lunch available. Bread, yoghurt, smoothie, fruit etc.

- There is also calculated one water bottle per person.

Between 14:00 and 19:00, please stay out of the kitchen, to make room for Mette's to cooking magic. If you're having a late breakfast, please eat it in Bjørvika instead. During feeding hours, it's crew ONLY on the house boat. girlfriend/boyfriend is okey, but not more people. This is because the amount of food is made for staff only, and we need the space for the staff.


If your having your loved one over for lunch a day or two, just let Mette know its one person extra for lunch so she knows.




There will be breakfast available both at Bjørvika and Fiskar.



There will be leftover lunch and basic breakfast food available for night snack.

Make sure to clean after you are done. The boat leaves early and everything needs to be secured for the boat ride in the morning.


- After closing, everyone's allowed a "nightcap" from bar if you're feeling thirsty. But we need to restrict it to one unit per person, to keep control of our stock. If you want to buy something from the boat using your staff discount, use the QR code. Between 23:15 and 10:00 the next morning, it's not possible to buy anything from the boat, so plan your night earlier. Make sure a colleague is serving you the drink you're purchasing, don't get it yourself. Staff discount: 40%

- The backstage rider for the band is separate from the ordinary drinking stock, and is restricted to the band. We're using Hansa Lite only for this, to keep track of how much is spent, and to save some calories for the band😛.

Official Afterparties

- After some of the concert, Vidar Villa and the band is hosting their official afterparty at a local bar/nightclub from 23:00, that guests can buy tickets to (we sell them at the bar!😎).

- A list of the afterparties is shown in the spreadsheet above.

- Vidar/Band will sometimes do a small performance, but mainly show their faces to the fans🥸

- Martin Sollie will be DJ'ing at the afterparties

- All crew will of course have free entrance here with their crew ribbons.

- Remember that you are always representing the Boat and the Crew, so please behave in public areas (LOL) Many fans follows us for several cities so possible consequences could show up in the next city too.


Pack small – one big main bag/briefcase and a smaller traveling bag should do it. Keep your bag close to your bunk bed, and use your bunk as storage space when you're not sleeping.

There's a washer both on MS Fiskar and MS Bjørvika, so you can wash your clothes on the way.

Some packing tips:

- Waterbottle to keep by your bed and during your work day (mark it with your name!)

- Earbuds, to help you sleep through the night

- Bring your own towel

- Good footwear for the job!

- Bathing clothes and gym wear (if you're anything like Gery)

- Some warm clothes in case of colder summer nights

- Sunscreen

- Sunglasses

- Toiletries (travel size bottles are great!)

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